Étiqueté : Jakob A. Klein

The Taste for Milk in Modern China (1865-1937)

But from the end of the 19th century cow’s milk has begun to be produced by industrial plants in the foreign settlements of big cities like Shanghai. Milk powder and infant formula imported from abroad were also very successful in those modern cities.

Promotions, perceptions and practices of regional cuisine in urban Southwest China with Jakob A. Klein

Jakob A. Klein, Lecturer in Social anthropology, SOAS Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Food Studies Center, Interviendra sur le thème Promotions, perceptions and pratices of regional cuisine in urban Southwest China dans le cadre du séminaire de Françoise Sabban « Manger en Chine : pratiques, discours et représentations ». Lieu et horaire de la conférence The purpose of this conference is to shed some light on the relationship in contemporary urban China between celebrations of regional cuisine, on the one hand, and popular...

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