Space-people relationships : glimpses from Sichuan and Sicily – K. Le Mentec au CFFD Forum (MUC, Beijing)

Katiana Le Mentec, actuellement visiting scholar au département de Sciences politiques et sociales de l’université de Catane, participera au sixième Frontier Development Forum (CFFD) organisé à la Minzu University of China de Beijing, par le Ethnic Minorities Study Center of China (EMSCOC), et le Collaborative Innovation Center for Ethnic Minority Development.

Le forum se tiendra le samedi 19 novembre 2022. Le programme en chinois et en anglais est disponible en bas de cette page.

K. Le Mentec interviendra dans la première session Conceptual innovation in the exchange of civilizations and global transport cooperation “文明交流互鉴与全球交通合作的理念创新”, au premier panel 13h-14h50 heure de Beijing.

Titre de l’intervention

Le titre de l’intervention est “Looking at space-people relationships through the anthropotopy approach. A new gaze to explore affected space: glimpses at examples from Sichuan and Sicily” (通过人域方法观察空间与人的关系。探索受影响空间的新目光:从四川和西西里的例子中窥见一斑).


The relationships humans have with their spaces have been studied in multiple dimensions and from various disciplinary angles. The words, vernacular notions and scientific concepts to designate these spaces and relationships are numerous and these examinations have shed more detailed light on our understanding of the dynamics at work between humans and spaces. My proposal builds upon these achievements while using a new perspective to look at this topic : a gaze from the specific and differential relationships that people have with their spaces. This approach is not intended to be revolutionary. The idea is to test a different perspective in order to stimulate a heuristic analysis and help better understand some kinds of the contexts and challenges humans are faced with, in our contemporary world. This paper offers a brief introduction to this new perspective, which I call the anthropotopy approach. It is divided in four parts. First, I will discuss the choice of the research scope, which includes any kind of affected space. Then I’ll switch to the core of the approach taking into account the different ways in which a single space can be considered by people. This leads us to the concept of anthropotopy. In a third step I will address the implications of looking at space-human relationships through this perspective. I will conclude with a selection of research avenues for this approach, based on data I gathered in Ba-Shu (Sichuan/Chongqing) in the past and new data I am currently collecting in Sicily

Gorge Qutang, Trois Gorges du Yangze (Chine), 2017
Catane et le volcan de l’Etna (Sicile), 2019

Le paper accompagnant cette conférence sera bientôt mis en ligne sur HAL et le lien sera communiqué sur cette page.

Programme du forum

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