International Workshop on Margins

HO Wingchung, Katiana LE MENTEC et Florence PADOVANI ont le plaisir de vous inviter au Workshop international :

Living at the Margins in and of Cities : Social sciences approaches


Wednesday 19th December 2018


Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 54 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris, 7ème étage, salle 737

Why margins matter?

Since the late 2000s, the world has witnessed the fragility of high levels of market integration and the vulnerability induced by globalization. The ensuing rampant inflation of capital values around the globe as well as changes in people’s lifestyle in many places have made much to rethink anew the meaning of inequality. Some evidences indicated people and governments begin to opt for developmental strategies leaning on protectionism, conservatism and localism, in many societies – West or East, wealthy or poor.
These new trends have led to put old problems into new perspectives. The global emergence of protectionism, conservatism and localism has subjected those who have been conventionally considered as marginalized – e.g., labourers, lower class actors, forced migrants and refugees, elderly, disabled and sick people – to an even more extreme “othering” process, including more neglect and contempt than sympathy. Theses tendencies lead to new problems and new marginalization. For instance, increasing evidences suggest original urban residents feel marginalized by the growing presence of outsiders who compete with them for community resources. Besides, local dwellers are forced to move further to the city peripheries due to the rising real estate valuation and cost of living at the centre. All the while, in certain areas, social activists upholding the values of equality and sustainability feel increasingly ostracized by the expanding populism and its related public policies.
This workshop is concerned with the most recent emerging production of margins in different areas of the world – South America, India and China. Study cases and field researches will discuss about people who feel, at best, ignored by and, at worst, further or newly marginalized by the most recent systemic changes in the labour/capital movement and/or local state programmes/policies.


9.15 Coffee and welcome

Introduction by Florence PADOVANI (Centre franco-chinois, Beijing, China) & Katiana LE MENTEC (CNRS/UMR CCJ)

Keynote by HO Wingchung (City University of Hong Kong, China)

9.45     Session 1: Dealing with margins in cities

Alexis SIERRA (Université de Cergy-Pontoise-ESPE) : Defining urban fringes by political informality: Citizens’ arrangements within municipal conflicts and the production of indeterminate territories in Lima (Peru).

Rémi De BERCEGOL (PRODIG/CNRS, France) & Shankare GOWDA (Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi) : Marginalizing policies: rethinking the modernization of the waste sector in Delhi

Maylis BELLOCQ (Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France) : Cemeteries Beyond the City’s Limits : The Case of Shanghai

14.00    Session 2: Dwellers and resettlers at the margins of cities

HO Wingchung (City University of Hong Kong, China) : From Society’s Margin to City’s Peripheries: Ambivalent Mobilities of Three Gorges Dam Young-adult Migrants in Guangdong, China

Véronique Dupont (IRD, CESSMA, France) and R. Dhanalakshmi (independent researcher, Chennai, India) : Living at the margins of the legal city in Chennai, India. Critical issues in a precarious settlement along the Buckingham Canal in the southern periphery

16.00     Session 3: Tourism inducing margins in cities

Florence PADOVANI (Centre franco-chinois, Beijing, China) : When a marginal area is transformed into a touristic high spot : Tianzifang in Shanghai

CHAN Alex Siu Kin (City University of Hong Kong, China) : The production of estranged urban space: community homogenisation and identity politics in Hong Kong since the late 2000s

17.40    General discussion : How to deal with margins on a theoretical level

18.10   Wine reception


Katiana Le Mentec : katianalementec(at)

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