Gateways To Globalisation, François Gipouloux

Parution en anglais de l’ouvrage de François Gipouloux, Gateways To Globalisation,  Asia’s International Trading and Finance Centres, [S.l.] , Edward Elgar, 2011. 288 p.

Cet ouvrage est l’aboutissement du projet ANR «International Trading Hubs in East & Southeast Asia, 2055-2008», conduit par François Gipouloux.


  • Foreword. From Entrepôts to Service Integrators: Asian Metropolises in a Changing Flows and Nodes Configuration, François Gipouloux

Part I : The Legacy of History

  •  Tokyo as an International Finance Centre: 1800–2007, Hisasue Ryoichi
  •  Nagasaki in the Storm of the Ming – Qing Transition: The Zhengs, the V.O.C. and the Tokugawa Bakufu, Patrizia Carioti

Part II : High Value-Added Services and Metropolitan Dynamism

  • Regional Headquarters for Multinational Enterprises in Chinese Cities: Strategies for Localisation, Christine Hung
  • China’s Tax System Changes and their Impact on Multinational Firms Localisation Strategies, Hu Ying
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai: Rivalry or Complementarity Among Asia’s International Service Hubs, Sung Yun-Wing
  • Hong Kong: An Upgraded Gateway for China Trade, James Wang
  • Singapore and the Archipelago Economy: From Trading Post to Global City, Loïs Bastide
  •  The Factors of Competitiveness of Great Chinese Cities: The Case of the Localisation of Foreign Research and Development in Beijing and Shanghai, Du Debin and Pierre Miege

Part III : Complementary and Rivalry among Asian Trading and Finance Centres

  • The Global Economic Crisis: Opportunities for Major Cities in East and Southeast Asia?, Peter Daniels
  • Regional and Global Positioning of East-Asian Trading and Financial Centres, Alice Ekman
  • Can Shanghai Become the New Hong Kong of China? Yuan Zhigang
  • China’s Spatial Restructuring of Financial Centres, Simon Zhao, Zhang Li and Christopher Smith
  • China’s Economic Reform and Emerging International Finance Centres, Meng Jianjun and Xu Xun

Jacqueline Nivard

Jacqueline Nivard, Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine

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Jacqueline Nivard

Jacqueline Nivard, Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine

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