Exhibition Highlight | Liu Bolin & Matthias Bruggmann

Billet de Marine Cabos-Brullé (SOAS, associée CECMC), publié sur son site Photography of China. Il est consacré à une exposition de photographies de Liu Bolin et de Matthias Bruggmann, qui se tient jdu 17 octobre 2018 au 27 janvier 2019 au musée de l’Elysée à Lausanne.

Exhibition Highlight | Liu Bolin & Matthias Bruggmann at Musée de l’Elysée, Switzerland

Liu Bolin, Temple of Heaven, Hiding in the City, 2010 | Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing

The Musée de l’Elysée participates in societal debates that redefine both the way we see photography and the role of photographers today. From October 17, 2018, to January 27, 2019, two viewpoints focused on today’s world are juxtaposed: the photographed performances of Liu Bolin, the internationally acclaimed Chinese artist, and the images of Matthias Bruggmann, the Swiss photographer who pushes the boundaries between documentary and artistic photography.

Dedicated to the production and support of contemporary photography both in Switzerland and abroad, the Musée de l’Elysée pursues its commitment to photographers who observe the events that shape our world and reveal the complexity of society. “The role of an institution like ours is to encourage exploration and exchanges around the major issues of our time thanks to the work of artists who portray the world as it is, its troubles, its challenges and its dangers, as well as the hope of improving it by understanding it better. Pertinent and committed, the photographs of Liu Bolin and Matthias Bruggmann have the same purpose: to develop a lasting awareness in the greatest number of people possible”, emphasizes Tatyana Franck.

Even if the images produced by Liu Bolin and Matthias Bruggmann use very different visual languages, they both explore the photographer’s

Liu Bolin, Panda_Hiding in the City, 2011 | Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing

point of view: how does an artist commit himself to addressing the reality that surrounds him, whether it be geographically remote like the Syrian conflict in the case of Matthias Bruggmann, or very close like that of contemporary China for Liu Bolin?

Both artists propose a reflection on what their work reveals  and on what it conveys. At the same time, Liu Bolin and Matthias Bruggmann raise some important questions: how can we interpret a photograph in order to get beyond appearances and to decipher the content of what we are shown? Both of them force the visitor to slow down and take the time to react, a time devoted to acquiring knowledge and understanding. It is their way to fight against the rapidity and the transience of images.

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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