International Anthropology Workshop à Chengdu

The Research Center on Modern and Contemporary China is pleased to announce the second edition of the International Anthropology Workshop, organised in Chengdu in collaboration with the School for Ethnic Studies at Southwest Minzu University (Chengdu), The School of Sociology and Political Science at Shanghai University and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen). The first edition took place in 2015.
This year, for the anniversary of the 10 years of the Wenchuan earthquake (Sichuan), the international workshop theme is the following : Disaster Perceptions and Responses in Times of Global Upheaval /国际人类学工作坊. 生境 : 激变世界中的风险感知与灾难应对

Le Centre Chine a le plaisir de vous annoncer la seconde édition de l’International Anthropology Workshop, organisé à Chengdu en collaboration avec la School for Ethnic Studies de la Southwest, la School of Sociology and Political Science de l’université de Shanghai ainsi que l’Institut for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences de la Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen) . La première édition eu lieu en 2015
Cette année, pour les 10 ans du tremblement de terre de Wenchuan (Sichuan), le colloque international porte sur le thème suivant : Disaster Perceptions and Responses in Times of Global Upheaval /国际人类学工作坊. 生境 : 激变世界中的风险感知与灾难应对

Workshop Committee Members /联络人

Tang Yun 汤芸 (Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu, China)
Katiana Le Mentec 石卡嘉娜 (CECMC/UMRCCJ, Paris, France)
Zhang Qiaoyun 张巧运 (Shanghai University, Shanghai, China)
Zhang Yuan 张原 (Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu, China)
Wang Zhengyu 王正宇 (The Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu, China)

Disaster Perceptions and Responses in Times of Global Upheaval
生境 : 激变世界中的风险感知与灾难应对

Workshop topic

Disasters oftentimes lead to the reorganization and reformation of the living conditions in times of global upheaval. At the ten-year anniversary of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, we call for a more extensive and reflexive anthropological investigation of the local people’s risk perception and disaster response, through the angles of vulnerability analysis and resilience building. Rooted in and relying on the ethnographic research of the transformation of the local life world, this workshop hopes to promote cross-cultural research on topics of disaster origins and eruption, risk perception and response, and post-disaster relief and recovery. The workshop aims to examine the predicaments, challenges and opportunities entailed in the human lived experience so as to explore new knowledge prospect for sustainable development.

处在一个激变的世界之中,灾难的发生往往会重塑特定的生境。在汶川5.12大地震十周年之际,我们越发需要从脆弱性(vulnerability)辨析与弹韧性(resilience)营造的角度,来就具体地方或特定族群的风险感知与灾难应对展开深入的人类学研究,进而对当代政治-经济权力格局下灾后重建的经验教训进行反思性的总结。为促进人类减灾防灾事业的进步与人类学灾难研究的发展,本工作坊主张灾难人类学应基于激变世界中地方生境的重塑之田野民族志考察,来对灾难的生成与爆发、风险的感知与应对,以及灾后的恢复和重建等问题展开跨文化跨社会的比较研究,从而在理论探讨上为我们深刻地理解人类生活世界在可持续性方面所面临的种种困境、挑战和机遇,拓展出新的知识经验图景。议题:人文视野下的灾难与激变,生活世界中的弹韧性营造, 风险与脆弱性的人类学辨析, 激变世界中的灾难记忆与时代焦虑, 人类学灾难研究的理论探索与田野实践


From 10 to 12 October 2018  /2018年10月10~12日


Southwest Minzu University, Sichuan, Chengdu (Chine)

Room 809, Administrative Building, Wuhou District

Beichuan ruin city site after the Wenchuan Earthquake (K. Le Mentec)


Day 1 : Oct. 10th/10月10日

  • Opening Ceremony /开幕式 by Katiana Le Mentec (CNRS, France), Zhang Qiaoyun (Shanghai University, China), Tang Yun (SMU, China), Zhang Yuan (SMU, China)
  • Panel 1/专题 1: Theories and Approaches in Anthropology of Disaster/ 灾难人类学的理论与路径
  • Photo and visiting Minzu Museum/合影并参观民族博物馆
  • Panel 2 /专题2:灾难研究的人文视野  Disaster Studies in the Humanistic vision

Day 2 : Oct. 11th/10月11日

  • Panel 3/专题3:Field Practice in Disaster Research/ 灾难研究的田野实践
  • Panel 4 /专题4:Risk response and post-disaster reconstruction/风险应对与灾后重建

Day 3 : Oct. 12th/10月12日

  • Panel 5 part 1 and 2 /专题 5.1, 5.2:Disaster Studies in the lifeworld/生活世界中的灾难研究

Full programme available here :

Panel 1/专题 1: Theories and Approaches in Anthropology of Disaster/ 灾难人类学的理论与路径

  • Susanna Hoffman/苏珊娜·霍夫曼 : Why Anthropology is Necessary in Understanding Disaster ?/对于理解灾难而言,人类学为何是必要的?
  • Wang Xiaokui /王晓葵: Disaster Memory and Social Change/灾害记忆与社会变迁
  • Katiana Le Mentec/卡嘉娜·石:Territorial Upheavals Anthropological Investigation: Avenues for Exploration in West China /对区域激变的人类学考察:探寻中国西部研究的路径

Panel 2 /专题2:灾难研究的人文视野 Disaster Studies in the Humanistic vision

  • Hiroki OKADA /岡田浩樹:The Complex Relationship between the Community and Modernity in the Process of Reconstruction after Big Earthquake in Japan/日本大地震灾后重建过程中社区与现代性之间的复杂关系
  • Shingo HIDAKA/日髙真吾:Cultural Property Rescue Activities during the Great East Japan Earthquake/日本东部大地震中的文化财产抢救行动
  • Sophie HOUDART/苏菲·吴达:Texturing the Tôhoku Disaster. An Attempt to Depict from Inward/日本东北灾难的纹理:尝试基于内部进行描述
  • Koji KATO/ 加藤幸治 :How you Can Realize “Build Back Better” in the Field of Culture at the Tsunami-hit Area of the Great East Japan Earthquake?/你如何能意识到“重建得更好”?——日本东部大地震引发海啸区域的文化场域

Panel 3/专题3:灾难研究的田野实践/Field Practice in Disaster Research

  • David BOND/大卫·邦德:Studying Disasters in Disastrous Times: Reflections on the Disruptions of the Hydrocarbon Present/在灾难时代研究灾难:对碳氢化合物破坏性的反思
  • Salma SIDDIQUE /萨玛·西蒂克:Witnessing disasters : Narrative exposure therapy and post-traumatic growth /见证灾难:向本地敞开的疗法和后创伤成长
  • Nobuhiro MASAOKA/政岡伸洋:Rebuilding Life After the Destruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake: The Hadenya Tokura Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture Case Study/在日本东部大地震后重建生活:基于宫城县的田野
  • WANG Wenhui/ 王文慧 : “Public Culture” and People’s Life in the Reconstruction of Modern Disaster: Taking the Art Practices of a Wenchuan County Town as An Example /当代灾后重建中的公共文化与民众生活——以汶川县水磨镇的艺术实践为例

Panel 4 /专题4:风险应对与灾后重建/Risk response and post-disaster reconstruction

  • ZHANG Qiaoyun/张巧运:On Gifting and Gratitude: Aid, Affect, and Sociality in Post-disaster Reconstruction/馈赠与感恩:灾后重建中的救助、情感与社会性
  • Maëlle CALANDRA/梅乐·卡兰卓:After the Storm: Studying the Reconstruction Management of Tongoa Island (Vanuatu)/ 风暴之后:通戈瓦岛(瓦努阿圖) 的重建管理研究
  • TANG Yun & ZHANG Yuan/汤芸、张原:The Fire and Its Control in Old Towns/Villages in Southwest China: Based on the Fieldwork of Dong People/西南古村镇的火灾及其防治:基于侗族的田野
  • Alice CORBET /爱丽丝·廓呗:The Invisible Dead in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. Understanding for Recovering/2010年海地地震后的隐性死亡:为了重建而理解

Panel 5 part 1 /专题5.1:生活世界中的灾难研究/ Disaster Studies in the lifeworld

  • Ryusuke KODANI /小谷竜介:Regional Culture to Convert into Cultural Property, Local Culture not to Convert into Cultural Property/区域文化转化为文化财产,地方文化不可转化为文化财产
  • Jessica WILZAK/魏佳佳:Where Does the Money Come from? Reconstructing Land Values in Chengdu’s Rural Fringe after the Wenchuan Earthquake/钱从何而来?——汶川地震后成都近郊乡村土地价值重构
  • KANEKO Hiroyuki / 金子祥之:Change of food culture due to the nuclear hazard:Environmental pollution and local community after the Great East Japan Earthquake/核污染导致的饮食文化变迁:日本东部大地震后的环境污染与地方社区
  • CUI Ruolin/崔若淋:Evaluation on residential environment of Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park: A rebirth of coal mine subsidence, garbage stacking, industrial waste discarding, and the burial of bodies during the great earthquake/唐山地震遗址公园人居环境研究——工业塌陷区、垃圾堆积区、地震陈尸区的重生

Panel 5 part 2 /专题5.2:生活世界中的灾难研究/ Disaster Studies in the lifeworld

  • Jay SCHUTTE/徐飞:Dangerous Metaphors Or How Paper Tigers Kill: Nature and Racial Alterity in the Chinese Anthropocene/隐喻也危险,纸老虎也吃人:中国人类纪中的自然和种族他者
  • DAI Qifu/代启福:Death by Design: A Case Study on “Mentally Disabled Workers” and Disaster Response Mechanisms in Mining Society/设计死亡——矿山社会里的“智障工人”与灾难应对的机制
  • WANG Zhengyu/王正宇: The Perception of Disaster Embedded in Social Structure: Based on the Stone-House of the Sanyan Tibetan/社会结构中的灾难认知——从三岩藏族的碉房看灾难的本土感知
  • KE Xiao/柯晓:The Ethics of (non-)killing: Thinking Animal Death Rituals in Contemporary Tibet/杀与不杀之伦理:对当代藏区的杀生仪式之思考


  • BOND, David/ 大卫·邦德 Bennington College, USA
  • CALANDRA, Maëlle/ 梅乐·卡兰卓 EPHE/CREDO/University of Paris Sciences & Lettres, France
  • CORBET, Alice/ 爱丽丝·廓呗 French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)/ French Center for Ethiopian Studies/LAM institute (African studies, Bordeaux) , France
  • CUI, Ruolin/崔若淋 Zhejiang University, China
  • DAI, Qifu/代启福 Chongqing University, China
  • HIDAKA, Shingo/ 日髙真吾 National Museum of Ethnology, Japan
  • HOFFMAN, Susanna/ 苏珊娜·霍夫曼 Hoffman Consulting, USA
  • HOUDART, Sophie/ 苏菲·吴达 French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Laboratory for Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (LESC), University of Nanterre , France
  • KANEKO, Hiroyuki/ 金子祥之 The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japan
  • KANEBISHI, Kiyoshi/ 金菱清 Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan
  • KATO, Koji/ 加藤幸治 Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan
  • KE, Xiao/柯晓 Duke University, USA
  • KODANI, Ryusuke/ 小谷竜介 Tohoku History Museum, Japan
  • LE MENTEC, Katiana/ 卡嘉娜·石 French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), China, Korea, Japan Research institute (EHESS), France
  • MASAOKA, Nobuhiro/ 政岡伸洋 Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan
  • OKADA, Hiroki/ 岡田浩樹 Kobe University, Japan
  • SCHUTTE, Jay/ 徐飞 Wits University, South Africa
  • SIDDIQUE, Salma/ 萨玛·西蒂克 University of Aberdeen, UK
  • TANG, Yun/汤芸 Southwest Minzu University, China
  • WANG, Wenhui/王文慧 East China Normal University, China
  • WANG, Xiaokui/ 王晓葵 Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, China
  • WANG, Zhengyu/ 王正宇 Southwest Minzu University, China
  • WILZAC Jessica/魏佳佳 University of Lausanne, Swiss
  • ZHANG, QiaoYun / 张巧运 Shanghai University, China
  • ZHANG, Yuan/张原 Southwest Minzu University, China

Activités complémentaires au workshop

  •  Un “Fieldtrip workshop” sera organisé dans les lieux affectés par le séisme de Wenchuan ainsi que les sites commémoratifs. Il se déroulera avec les intervenants au workshop du 13 au 15 octobre à Wenchuan, Beichuan et Anren (Sichuan)
  • La “semaine de l’anthropologie de la catastrophe” est une série de cours d’anthropologie donnés par des chercheurs invités à la Southwest Minzu University pour les étudiants de Master et les doctorants  (du 16 au 19 Octobre).

Workshop Institution Organizers /主办单位

School for Ethnic Studies at Southwest Minzu University (Chengdu, China)
The Research Center on Modern and Contemporary China (Paris, France)
School of Sociology and Political Science, Shanghai University (Shanghai, China)
Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen, China)

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