Studying China from Taiwan

The National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan has sent out a call for Fall 20147 admissions in their M.A. Program “Studying China from Taiwan”.


In 2003, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in cooperation with Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s No. 1 research institution, founded the “M.A. Program in Contemporary China Studies”, bringing together China scholars in the fields of political science, economics, and sociology from both institutions, stressing the close integration of teaching and research.

While being enrolled in the program, students actively participate in the faculty’s research projects. Upon graduation, students receive an M.A. degree in Sociology from NTHU and a certificate verifying their participation in the Contemporary China Studies Program from Academia Sinica. Academia Sinica subsidizes student fieldwork in China and students can chose from a variety of resources—including library, software and VPN services—offered by both institutions.

The “M.A. Program in Contemporary China Studies” aims to explore contemporary China’s political, economic, and social development from a sociological viewpoint, and compares them to Taiwan. Like this, we can reach two goals at once: create China studies with Taiwanese characteristics, and at the same time show the distinctive characteristics of Taiwanese society.

We aim to foster three main skills in our students:

  • Raising questions: Raise profound questions on social phenomena
  • Finding answers: Devise research designs, collect and create all kinds of materials to find answers.
  • Applying knowledge: Identify the importance and meaning of research findings in a particular area of study.
  • We offer scholarships and fieldwork allowances that will give deserving students fantastic academic opportunities.


Application starts from January 1 to March 15 (before 17:00), 2017 (Taiwan Time).


More information on the program

More information for prospective students

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